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Audio Books Cassette The Original Audio Book


Not very long ago, people who enjoyed listening to music books had to enjoy them using audio books cassette tapes. Long before CDs invaded the media industry, and even longer before the internet revolutionized the media industry, music books cassette tapes provided hours of education and enjoyment for book lovers.

For some, music books cassette tapes are still the preferred way to listen to a favorite book during long trips or relaxing evenings at home. Cassettes have their positive qualities, but more recent audio book formats have proven to be more efficient.

The audio book industry began with music literature cassette tapes. At the time, the Walkman was the most popular portable media player. This little device is still great for many reasons. Playing an audio book cassette is ideal if you are going for a walk or exercising because you do not have to deal with the frustrations of a skipping CD when listening to your favorite music books.

Cassette tapes are not prone to skipping, so you can jog without worrying about the stuttering sounds of the reader of your music literature. Other portable media players, such as iPods, are fragile and not durable enough to play through vibrations and bouncing.

Audio book cassettes are not without their disadvantages though. If you want to enjoy your favorite book on a long car ride or as a peaceful evening activity, other music literature forms are ideal. Audio book cassette tapes do not offer the option of a "quick skip", which is the ability to skip to the next chapter with the simple push of a button.

Cassette tapes are also less durable than CDs and other digital formats. The tape can stretch or twist, which will negatively affect the sound quality of the music literature cassette. Even when the cassette tape is at its best, the sound quality is inferior to that of the CD or MP3 format.
With the popularity of digital downloads for your favorite music book, cassette tapes are becoming obsolete. As a result, you will find it more difficult to purchase your favorite music literature on cassette. Audio book companies prefer to offer their products as a digital download because it saves them money. Both the buyer and seller can also save money and time on shipping because music literature MP3s can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Finally, music book cassette tapes are bulky and take up a lot of space. If you want to take an entire music literature with you on a trip, it could be unwieldy if you use cassettes. Audio book companies have also noticed the more efficient use of their limited space with the digital format. They no longer need large warehouses to store several copies of their entire stock of music books. Cassette tapes are just not ideal for anybody who is trying to save space.

Audio books cassette tapes have some advantages, but many feel that the disadvantages far outweigh their positive aspects. The quick accessibility and ease of being able to download your favorite music literature as a digitally formatted file has made the audio book cassette tape all but obsolete. Unlike the bulky music books cassette tapes, other formats provide both space and cost efficiency.

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