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EBay's Relationship With People And Companies - Good Or Bad

By: Eble Chen

On one side, eBay tries to befriend the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of India, by offering few products for curbing the practices of cyber crimes culprits, for free. On the other hand, eBay maintains the challenge by pulling off all its advertisements from the Google's US search engine, as Google Inc., has decided to organize party for the sellers and buyers of eBay. At last, the bubbling pressures between Google and eBay have finally come out in public.

On the other hand, while eBay has proved the popular slogan "whatever you want sell, you can sell it at eBay "false, by removing one soldier's model displayed by Valiant Enterprises, it tries to maintain good relationships of developers, both internal and external, through its new initiative in the name of eBox.

Though, eBay has clearly mentioned in the policies that the items glorifying violence or hatred, creating religious or racial intolerance should not be listed on its website, people used to buying or selling at eBay would have probably got used to seeing lot of common and uncommon things at eBay. The removal of the figurine has come as a shock for many, particularly Tim Neckermann from Valiant Enterprises, who doesn't seem to agree the ban placed.

While this incident might have strained the relationship of eBay with many sellers selling such articles, eBay maintains good relationship with CID, India, by sending its representatives for conducting cyber crime awareness course for the officers of Deputy rank and below, on 24th July at Bhavani Bhavan. eBay's relationship with India has been good till date. Last year, it had released "eBay e-Commerce Guide" for creating awareness of e-Commerce to Internet users. They also emphasized on frauds in online shopping.

One of the eBay's long-term plan and goal are to create a dynamic e-Commerce system for transactions. This announcement got big orders to eBay from many companies that rely on the third party websites. After the development is complete, these companies will be able to connect to the backend of eBay. The best part of these APIs or Application Programming Interfaces is they are unlike other interfaces that require authentication.

eBay is not new to development, as it released the beta version of a new desktop application, San Dimas for testing, which has Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) built into it. Due to this combination, this tool's working is not controlled by the functionality of the browsers used.

Now, these issues raise the question if eBay is good or bad at maintaining relationship with its competitors, sellers and buyers. Further, it seems that the technical tools get along well with eBay better than people or companies. Whatever be the position, eBay still maintains better position in the minds of people, after the customers of Pearlman auction got frustrated during the time of picking up their items that they purchased through auction. Most of the customers feel that eBay is far more professional and customer-friendly than others.

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