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Smart Ways To Blog To Make Money At Home Online

By: Liane Bate

Blogging is a great free way to help build your internet business and make money at home online. Many people will consider it their information portal that delivers quality content to their readers, and don't even consider turning it into the money-making machine that it could be.

It's important to first consider delivering quality content that makes blog readers want to come back, or subscribe to get the latest information posted to your blog via RSS without too much trouble. After all, without readers who value your content, there's no sense trying to make money at home online with your blog.

A blog can be anything you want it to be - A journal entry, a diary of your travels, opinions you want to share, or articles that you or others write. There are good blogs and bad blogs, and one thing is certain - If you don't offer content that people are hungry for, then you won't get the traffic, or the sales.

After you focus on quality content, you can start to think about how to make money at home online with your blog. Most people start out by adding Google Adsense ads to their blog.

By simply signing up for a Google Adsense account, and making a few selections, Google will do all the work for you by choosing ads related to your website's niche that will rotate on your blog. Whenever someone visits your site and clicks on the ads, you get paid!

Naturally your blog has to be popular and visited often, and your Google ads have to be in the correct position and style for you to make any significant money from Google Adsense.

Another way to make money at home online with your blog is to add banners to your blog posts. You can use any banners that promote your products or services, or products and services you are affiliated with through affiliate programs you may be a part of. If a reader likes what you wrote, they will be more inclined to click on the banners at the end.

As you can see, the trick to making money at home online with your blog is to get people to read, click, and buy. Not as simple as it may seem! That's why another great method of monetizing your blog is to embed links within your blog text that point to the products and services, or other people's products and services that you are promoting.

The advantage of using text links within your blog posts is that people are reading along anyway, and may be more inclined to click the links within the post, rather than at the end when you've possibly lost their attention span. A few cleverly placed links within the text will give the reader the opportunity to click even before they've finished reading the article.

What most bloggers do is add links and banners to their blogs that are related to their own programs. While this can be effective, many people aren't aware that you can make money at home online with your blog by seeking out advertisers who will pay you to post their banners and text links on your site and blog.

This can really add to the income streams you already have in place, so it is worth considering. Advertisers will often find your site or blog by doing a search, and will contact you if they want to pay you to show their ads related to your site's content.

When you post their banners and text ads on your site or blog, you may get paid per sale, or paid per lead. Some advertisers may pay by the month.

If you find that advertisers are not coming to you, then you can go to them! One way to reach advertisers and let them know you're willing to show their stuff is to make a blog post that says you're looking for advertisers. You could also add a new web page to your site for advertisers letting them know what you have to offer and how much you will charge.

If you consider both quality content, the obvious ways of advertising with your own program links and banners, and then extending your reach to other advertisers willing to pay you, then you have a great chance of making money at home online with your blog!

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