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Steps to Profitable Auctions

By: Eble Chen

Anyone can become a successful seller on eBay, provided he or she knows the tricks and tips to sell the right thing under right category at right time. Whatever be the tricks and tips of other successful sellers on eBay, there are few which are common and easy to follow to make you successful on eBay than the others selling similar or same items in other auctions happening simultaneously. The important points to remember are given below:

1. Conduct Proper Research On Items You Want To Sell: It is an important and first step before rushing to display your items. Check out in similar websites and even on eBay about the popularity and demand of the item you want to sell. Check out how often sellers display that item and other details.

2. Start with starting bids at the lowest: Starting the bids at low price will cost you less on listing fee. Further, you get encouragement for participation. In case, you know that the item would not fetch more bids, make sure you set the starting bid nearer to the minimum value you desire for sale. Also, avoid using reserve.

3. Thursday noon and evenings - the best timing to start your listings. Go for ten day listings: Make sure to run your bid for a period of 10 days and end it on Sunday, so that you get benefited by two weekends in terms of attracting bids. Ensure that you end the auctions somewhere between 7 and 10pm on a Sunday in Eastern timings or between 4 and 7pm in Pacific timings.

4. In case, you are needed to pay some money extra for preparing the listings before time and time the auction to start on Thursday evenings, go for it. Make sure that you are always prepared with your listings in advance and ready to go on scheduled time. Ensure that there is a time gap between the ending times of your listings.

5. Provide free of cost shipping, apart from confirmation of the delivery. You are eligible for charging on the shipping the goods you sell; however, if you can provide shipping free of cost, you get goodwill in exchange. Confirming delivery will allow you to conduct business in peace. Avoid free insurance; however, limit it to expensive products you sell, as it doesn't have much value. In case, your customers are interested in getting it, you can provide it as a customer-paid choice.

6. Provide refund guarantee: When you are sure that the item is not as described and fetch you a bad reputation. However, avoid this scheme if the customer is double-minded or commits a mistake.

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